Classicly trained in new homes sales while working for Shea Homes at Trilogy La Quinta, Chris brings his big builder sales and marketing practices to selling resale homes.

Numbers don’t lie – a term used in sales. When in the business of selling homes (or anything else) you need to know the numbers. You need to know and study market statistics and trends. When you hire Chris, he has the numbers and will help you understand the market stats and trends relevant to selling your home.

In addition to knowledge of market and sales stats, he knows that nearly 95% of all buyers and their agents now use the internet to shop for homes.  

Many buyers of Coachella Valley homes live in other areas of the state, country or in Canada. Chris knows these buyers are online previewing and looking for homes and this is where he excels. He knows that if you don’t have a good looking listing online, your home will be moved to the rejected pile and not be shown.

When you list your home with Chris, your listing will have bright dazzling photographs accompanied by 2D and 3D virtual tours. Great pictures with a virtual tour demonstrating how your home flows and feels will significantly increase the odds of buyers wanting to see your home when in town… and the more buyers that visit your home online will increase the number of buyers that will end up visiting your home in-person. The more visits online and in person you get, the sooner your home will sell!
The combination of cutting-edge technologies, a fantastic marketing plan, awesome internet presence, and old-fashioned hard work brings Chris buyers looking for a home. His on-site real estate at Indian Springs Golf Club office is open 7 days a week providing unmatched convenience for buyers with unequaled results for sellers. This is truly a “win-win” combination that ONLY Chris and Indian Springs Real Estate offers!